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Erlang 'C' & Scheduling for Call Centres - II

Escalation Matrix -
OK, great, we've got an SLA, we have the appropriate staff in place to take the call when they make it ... now what happens if they are not able to fix the problem?  Easy!  You get the problem to the right people that can fix it in a timely manner.  This is where the escalation matrix comes into play.  Assuming that its 2am and you've got a Tier 1 customer (remember, your definition of Customers was made before this) that has no telephone service (hard down etc...).  This is impacting them and potentially costing them $$$/hr.  Your engineer has taken the call and started working on the issue.  Now as this company is paying you lots of money for the service (that IS why they are Tier 1 after all), you need to ensure that you've got ALL the right people available and working on their problem as quickly as possible.  A sample 2 Stage Internal Escalation Matrix that I've used with great success in the past is presented below.    You will need to have a …

SLA & Tiered Service Levels

SLA - this is a difficult one.  You obviously want to offer all of your customers the premier, best in the world, platinum level of service, but unfortunately that does not always make financial sense.  Customers need to be tiered dependent on the amount of money they pay you (see my post on the 80/20/30 rule) and incidents/problems need to be tiered dependent on the impact to their business.  
It makes for an interesting measurement or matrix but a basic one that will need to be customized for your business is provided below.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Priority 170% + Service Impact or

Total Loss of Service

5min Response

4hr Resolution70% + Service Impact or

Total Loss of Service

30min Response

8hr Resolution70% + Service Impact or

Total Loss of Service

1hr Response

24hr ResolutionPriority 250% - 70% Service Impact

15min Response

8hr Resolution50% - 70% Service Impact

1hr Response

24hr Resolution50% - 70% Service Impact

4hr Response

72hr ResolutionPriority 3Up to 50% Service Impact

30min Response

12hr Resolutio…

Erlang 'C' & Scheduling for Call Centres

Erlang 'C' is a nobel winning formula used in the Call Centre and Operations industries to determine the correct and appropriate level of staffing based on key call metrics.  The scary looking formula for this is below and the even scarier explanation from Wikipedia is here.

From a Call Centre and Staffing Point of view the primary elements considered are as follows:
Average Talk TimeCalls/per specified period (15min is a good benchmark)Specified Service Metrics or SLA (ie. 80/20 <- 80% of calls answered in 20s or less etc...) ... correspondingly, you want to consider your abandon %'age here also.  Are you willing to accept that some of your customers will hang up?  If so, how many & consider what impact that will have on your business in the long run! With this information in hand and using the formula, you are able to determine how many resources you need in a given period to meet your customer demand.  Using some free online tools (links provided below), you are a…