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The Curse of the "berry"

Are you invaluable?  How about irreplaceable?  Will the world stop turning if you don't pick up the phone or answer that email? No?

OK, so why are you ignoring your family (or friends or yourself??) to pick up the phone?  Its very easy for companies to take advantage of employees & even more so managers who feel a personal responsibility for the performance of the team and department.  Now I'm not talking about those of you who get paid for being "on call" - unfortunately I've found that Managers rarely get compensated for this - but rather the ones who don't.

Companies need to understand and realize that employees lives and health are at stake and for some of  you (you know who you are) ... their family lives also.  Staff need time away from work and away from the stresses of the job if for no other reason than to recharge their batteries for the next day.  In addition, if staff are constantly contacted outside of regular business hours than their staffin…