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Reading Material

Business Book - The One Minute Manager

Written by business Guru's Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, the One Minute Manager proposes three key secrets to effective management.  Utilizing a junior manager, just getting started on his management track as the disciple, each of these three key secrets is gradually revealed by a much more senior manager in simple and easy to understand examples and messages.  This much more senior manager is the One Minute Manager that the book is based upon and is a very well respected leader by his staff and other managers.

The 3 secrets discussed are: (1) One Minute Goals - goals should be agreed upon and written down during the course of meetings between managers and employees.  These goals should be a simple, brief statement and they should be reviewed occasionally to ensure that progress is being made.  (2) One Minute Praisings - in a nutshell, catch someone doing something right!  Its very easy to find fault, but praising when deserved is an e…