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When does Customer Service End?

Have you ever noticed that the small entrepreneur will go that extra mile, while the big businesses don't bother?  I guess the easiest explanation for this is that these smaller business people are actually closer to their customers and are able realize the importance and value of customer service in driving back repeat business.  A good read I found that demonstrates this is here.

The question is though ... why don't the big boys?

The easy answer is that they are too far removed, but that is not really getting to the heart of the issue ... more and more often you see businesses and senior staff that think they are where they are forever and that nothing is going to change.  However the one good thing that came out of this recent recession is the realization that this is just not the case.  If you don't care for your customers and have a good business model to boot ... you won't be in business for long!  I know that's a bit harsh and a lot of innocent people suffered…