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Active Listening

I recently took some training on Interview techniques and Active Listening.  It was an eye opener to say the least!!

The difference it makes when someone is really listening and paying attention vs that same person doing something else while you are speaking makes an amazing difference to the speaker.  Much more than I thought - if you don't believe me try this little exercise with someone yourself.
Write down two different topics.  The first one should be one that you are passionate about and could speak about for hours if given the chance.  For the second topic, choose something that you really don't care about and/or have no interest in.Get a little timer (60seconds should do) and have someone sit close to you.You are first going to speak about the topic that interests you ... however the person you are speaking to should not be paying attention to you ... they can doodle on a piece of paper, answer their phone, check emails and speak to someone else.  See how long you last a…

Money and Your Team

As much as you'd like your team to work for free and to have the highest quality staff at the lowest possible prices ... it will never happen.  You might tell yourself that you're doing what you're doing because you love the job and the company that you work for and that your staff and employees should feel the same - but - lets be honest ... you and your team are doing it for the money.  You probably have a family that you are looking after, and if not, you're doing this because you have your own personal interests that you wish to pursue.

Now with that being said ... the one fact of life that we can never get away from is tax.  Unless you live in a part of the world that provides tax free income, you are just like the rest of us giving away 30% - 50% (or even more!) of everything you earn to the Government. 

Remember the famous phrase from Benjamin Franklin in his letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789, which was re-printed in The Works of Benjamin Franklin, 1817: