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Conducting an effective Job Search

Its easy to make a mistake when searching for a job, unfortunately by doing so you are adversely impacting your ability to find that role of your dreams and case should be taken to minimize this as much as possible. In this difficult job climate, care must be taken with even the smallest detail and your review should include your resume and cover letter as well as your own references! Paperwork - Your Resume/CV and Cover Letter are generally your first introduction to the company. You can never make a first impression again so it pays to ensure that the information you are providing to the prospective employer is accurate, factual and well presented. Use good quality paper if sending out or providing hard copies and ensure that it is readable. Try not to exceed 2 pages by formatting and if necessary deleting or editing out previous roles to ensure that it fits. More Details - Cover Letters are your ticket to sell yourself. While a CV/Resume is by its very nature a dry and factual document…