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Six Sigma and Process Improvement

Once upon a time some very smart and intelligent people looked at the world around them and realized that the way things are working now is not the only way in which things can work.  These people realized that the businesses exist to service a need and the need they are fulfilling is what people are willing to pay for.  At the same time they also saw that by giving customers a more valuable and quality focused product they would be able to ensure that those customers would continue to come back.  Some of these extremely smart people were W. Edwards Deming, Michael Hammer and Joseph Juran and they focused on a a very fundamental truth: The main source of waste and inefficiencies are problems in the process.
After careful analysis and much further work by other visionaries over the years Six Sigma was born.  What is Six Sigma you may ask?  At its simplest you could say that 99% quality is One Sigma.  Businesses that state they function at this level seem laudable unt…