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Why Is Training Important?

There are several key reasons to ensure that your staff are appropriate trained and skilled.  Perhaps the most important is that it ensures your team is better able to provide a response to your customer that is appropriate to their issue or problem.   In addition, by ensuring that your staff have the right skills, your company is better prepared for the future and will be significantly more efficient and productive. Reasons for Employee Training Some of the most common reasons for training and development include the following: Based on a performance appraisal and issues identifiedTo improve a companies performance and efficiencyTo improve an employees future job prospects within the companyTo help a company deal with a new technology or toolTo help a company obtain a specialized certificationTraining Types Generally training is split into two main categories (although these can also be combined in some fashion): Internal Training - Provided by the company directly, this is most common…

Some Resume Essentials

Your CV and Resume is your primary tool in finding a new role.  Without having a properly formatted and targeted resume, you are not presenting yourself in the best light possible and you will lose out to others.  Spending the time now is a wise investment not only in your future but also in your career as it can set you apart from your competition and maximize the interview opportunities you will receive.
It is essential that you format your resume to the role that you are looking for.  Management jobs should clearly be emphasized if you are applying for a management role, and similarly if you are applying for a sales executive position, you need to show and demonstrate your sales skills including revenue generation and territory growth.
Do not forget to emphasize your Customer Service and Client Management skills as most roles - regardless of the title - will be looking for these.

What Can You Do?

It is absolutely essential that you provide your readers with an idea of the ski…